No lightning photo is worth dying over

No lightning photo is worth dying over.

.Safety first, choose a safe location to shoot from!

Fireworks shows have everyone looking up into the sky.

With lightning and fireworks, it’s the advanced preparation that will separate the winners from the losers. Make sure you are not the highest point in the area and if the strikes start to get too close, shut it down.

Having the lightning over a terrific landscape is much better – and more likely to win contests – than if it is over an unappealing scene. If you are shooting from the middle of the road, you WILL get run over. Or not find a good spot at all and miss the shot entirely.

Third. It’s pretty easy to find a spot that will not only capture the lightning, but show a photogenic scene as well.. Or, add a neutral density filter to the lens, or take multiple exposures on one frame. This is a must, don’t even bother with a hand-held shot, stay at home and watch it on TV.At some point in our photo lives, we all need to try our hand at photographing fireworks and lightning.

With fireworks we know exactly where they will be in the sky and it is easy.

Second. This will give you the sharpest photos, but if that setting doesn’t allow for long enough shutter speeds you can close it down a few stops.

You could almost say it is a right of passage!

The good news is that it really isn’t very difficult and both fireworks and lightning are shot with the same basic techniques. It is multiple bursts of the lightning or fireworks, captured by long exposure or multiple exposures.

You are going to want a very long exposure..

BTW – local television channels LOVE great lightning shots.

There is no reason to wait for the last flat bar minute and settle for a second best place. If it starts to rain, get your camera under cover – fast.You need to find earth wire the best spot to shoot from!

I hope you’ve been keeping a photo notebook because you will want to scout out the best locations to shoot from and then record them in your notebook.

Lightning can kill you.

The idea is to get several bursts of lightning or the fireworks onto one frame..

Get out there today and find some good locations for photographing fireworks and lightning in your area.Take multiple shots!

Once you’ve found your location and the fireworks show is about to begin – or the lightning show – set up your camera on a tripod.

As for aperture, the sweet spot on most lenses is the middle area around f8.

Find a spot that offers a good view of the action but doesn’t include any extraneous light sources..

First. Those shots you see of the whole sky being lit up are not one shot that captured it all. Once you have a few, send them in! You have a good shot at being featured on their weather report.

Aim your camera at the best spot in the sky, set the ISO speed to the lowest number you can, and set the shutter speed to the slowest possible.

As a side note: water and electronics don’t mix very well…

With both lightning and fireworks, we are going to be shooting very long exposures (or multiple exposures) and any light sources in the shot are going to be over exposed and get blown out. Lightning can be anywhere in the sky, but if you think about it, most of our weather patterns tend to come from the same direction

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